How does it work?

Once registered on the system you are able to capture all your repair centre details to be included on job cards and quotes.

The VDA system will take you through the steps of completing an assessment:

  • Capture the client information which will be included on all assessment quotes and job cards;
  • Capture the vehicle information; and
  • Assess the damage to the vehicle using a graphical representation of the vehicle.

Assessments are done against tokens purchased and the assessment information is stored for easy retrieval at any time.


The client information is captured which will be printed on the assessment quotes and job cards. The system caters for company clients as well as private clients. All client information is stored on the system and the client information will be presented on all assessment quotes and job cards.


Once the client has been captured the system will guide you to capture the vehicle details. The vehicle information is included on the documents produced and can also be used to quickly find previous assessments done.


To complete the actual assessment an image of a vehicle is shown where you can click to indicate panels that were damaged and the level of damage to the area. Multiple panels can be selected and parts added to the assessment. The system calculates the number of units of work associated with each panel as per industry standard guidelines and provides a cost for the repairs. Additional costs and discounts can be applied to the quote.

Once completed the assessment can be printed or emailed